Design your own leather bag!

A visit to JLANG Casa Torreón is a must during your stay in San José.


J.LANG Atelier is caught in the middle of Costa Rican architectural history and the latest trends of international fashion. Exquisite combination that provides a unique and magical charm to the place. The experience of visiting my atelier, located in the antique Casa Torreón de la Calle Real, starts when taking the stone road that detaches from the main street. A narrow path that connected Escazú’s past centrury settlers with San José, and has been recently declared as national patrimony.


J.LANG Atelier has a cameo appearance behind the trees, hidden in the memory of the coffee plantations now invisible. Walking through the different chambers, it’s posible to admire my latest collections of handmade clothing, exclusive handbags, and other great leather accessories. The atelier is open to the public, giving the visitor a chance to experience the process of creation, design and high quality fabrication.


During your visit, you’ll have the unique opportunity to see a genuine Costa Rican workshop and order your own, custom made leather bag.  As if you were a real designer, you’ll get to choose the color, textures, and decorations of your design, and of course, take the final product home with you.


The experience is truly magical!


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