Atacama Desert: Trip of a Lifetime

The magic about traveling is that it leaves you speechless, and it suddenly turns you into a storyteller…


When a friend suggested to visit the Atacama Desert, I had no clue about what to expect, and therefore… What to pack!?  I started then to google and research a little bit on the weather and highlights of our mystery destination.


Atacama is the driest desert on Earth, meaning that it receives less than 1mm of rain each year.  Can you believe it?  To be honest, for me that is something hard to imagine, having been born and raised in “Forever-Green-Costa-Rica.”


Excited about this new adventure, I got myself packed with comfortable hiking shoes, tones of sunblock, an XL “safari type” hat, and of course, a cute and comfy belt bag 🙂


The charm of Atacama is absolutely unique, so much that you may feel as if you were in a different planet.  I cannot remember how many times I was surprised by the beauty of its multicolor mountains, mirror-like lakes, surreal geysers, astonishing salt flats, and breathtaking flamingoes.


This is me in the first picture, looking out over the Valley of Mars in a silent awe.  The air is bone dry and there isn’t a single sound or cloud in the blue sky…



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